ESCOOP 2015 Event #20: Final Table Replay – PokerStars ES

Final Table Replay PokerStars España Event #20 ESCOOP 2015. If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel.

Tournament Info:

Poker Room: PokerStars ES
Date: 10 November 2015
Tournament: ESCOOP-20: €50 NL Holdem
Game: NL Holdem
Buy-in: €44.86 + €5.14
Prizepool: €42,886.16
Guarantee: €30K
Speed: Slow
Entries: 956
Places paid: 108

Final Table Results:

1. monodepoker, €7,762.92
2. Yuna-Julaga, €5,575.20
3. adri48, €4,181.40
4. pakitov, €3,130.68
5. lucklord, €2,208.63
6. Nekal3, €1,779.77
7. potemkin 89, €1,350.91
8. duneduke, €947.78
9. aguachuney, €548.94
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